LEWA ecodos ® mechanical diaphragm metering pump


Technology: Mechanically actuated diaphragm metering pump with monitored 4-layer sandwich diaphragm for low pressure.

LEWA ecodos is an absolutely reliable, economical and highly adaptable metering pump, especially where diaphragm actuation is not wanted. Here, we also rely on our tried-and-tested modular system in designing the perfect pump for you.

LEWA ecodos is a safe, reliable and efficient diaphragm metering pump with mechanical diaphragm actuation that provides many options. It is suitable for virtually all metering and pumping tasks in the low-pressure range. Its multiplexing function enables the use of additional applications such as low-pulsation pumping, recipe metering and mixing tasks.

The ecodos implements a flow rate of 16 to 1460 l/h per pump head and a maximum discharge pressure of 20 bar.

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