Sight Flow Indicators


Jacoby-Tarbox Sight Flow Indicators are designed in accordance with ASME B31.1 and B31.3 using only listed metals within its construction to ensure full specification compliance and meet more specifications “out of the box” than any manufacturer. This includes NACE compliance, standard for wetted materials. Jacoby-Tarbox units offer unique features that allow them to have the longest duty cycles in the industry. Jacoby-Tarbox also offers a variety of API 614 compliant solutions for lubricating systems on rotating equipment.

Plant Applications:

Mixing, Fermentation Distillation, Methanol Processing, Alkylation, Recovery, Fluid Handling, Kiln, Extraction, C3/C4 Dehydrogenation, Reforming, Dehyrogenation, Heat Transfer, Smelter, Centrifugation, Olefin Cracking, Hydrogenation, Olefin Recovery, Size Reduction, Crystallization, Waste Management, Steam Cracking, Naptha Reforming, Alkylation, Filtration/Separation, Evaporation, Propylene Recovery, Aromatics, Lubrication, Digester, Drying, Lubrication Systems, Catalytic Condensation, Isomerization, Systems

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