Scholarship Award Ceremony 2018

Kanit Engineering Corp., Ltd. and Pisanu Engineering Co., Ltd. hold The 34th Annual Scholarship Ceremony 2018 on Saturday 18th August, at Suthat Thepphawararam Temple, which is a royal temple of the first grade, was begun by King Rama I in 1807. This year the company awarded the scholarship to 50 students and the total investment in scholarships and scholarship endowments this year was approximately $20,000.

This year the company requested the children to write an essay about How to Save & Spend Wisely, also to exemplify the way to make money while studying, in order to let them become aware of the importance of money management, using logical thinking in spending, exploit their abilities for money. Then the children could lighten the load from parents.

The company sincerely hope that all children will have better mental and financial support for education, and utilize money to pursue their dreams and get the opportunity to achieve a great career. Then they would become a tower of strength for family, including the country.