Magnetic Industril Brakes


The Magnetic Industrial Brakes electrical mechanism consists of one or two DC magnets. As power is introduced to the coils, it creates an electro-magnetic field that brings the coils together to release the brake. Cutting power to the coils allows the spring to extend back to its normal state and sets the brake.

Shunt or series coils are available and rated for continuous or intermittent duty ratings. We also offer single point adjustment on magnetic brakes 8″ in wheel diameter or larger. This speeds up the brake installation and shoe lining wear adjustment by a single point adjusting feature. Brake wheel diameters of 4 ½” to 30″ are available, and are AISE rated. Rectifiers are available for AC operation. These Magnetic Shoe brakes are designed Crane hoist, stationary hoist, drive roller brakes and lock & Dam motor brakes.

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